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What is your company story?

Do you know? Is your narrative clear? Is your corporate reputation a competitive advantage to allow you to charge premium pricing?  Attract and retain the best employees?  Enter new markets?  Find the best and the brightest of business partners?  Have you incorporated your brand into your strategy and your narrative?

What stakeholders, prospective clients and competitors think, feel and say about you is as important as your business plan.

Understanding and managing how your company is perceived is a critical success factor for most organizations.  At Toccacelli & Associates, we help you project your company’s values, highlighting your brand’s reputation. We work with you to maximize your return on investment of you communications budget.  We help organizations find the right words and audio and visuals to communicate their value proposition to stakeholders.

What we do…

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Media Relations is arguably the most challenging component of the corporate communications tookit. James' professionalism, creativity and pragmatism help relieve the anxiety and produce remarkable results. He uses strategies that deliver value on both sides of the media relations equation and is a wise counsellor on what does and does not work. His integrity and humour make all aspects of working with him delightful and productive. He's a fabulous asset to have on the team. He's also an excellent communications strategist. Delivers tremendous value and never blows smoke.

Lynda Leonard

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March 20, 2014 - Coat of Arms granted

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