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Air Monoploy Air Monopoly
  • Client owned a chain of travel agencies in Atlantic Canada
  • He opposed a proposed merger of Air Canada and Canadian Airlines because it would diminish competition for Canadian air travellers
  • Engaged to develop grass roots opposition
    • Launched website directly linked to local MPs and decision makers
    • Managed extensive media coverage including numerous national media outlets (As It Happens, Globe & Mail, etc.)
    • Client appeared before House Standing Committee
  • Merger was dissolved
  • Public relations campaign won the Canadian Public Relations Society Award of Excellence


James has been working with SAP Canada for more than a year. In that time he has shown a deft touch at both communications and management issues. He has written speeches for our President, media trained executives, identified and managed key opportunities for proactive media relations and helped to build processes that work. James gives wise and prudent counsel, and brings new and fresh ideas to SAP that make us a better communicating company. Lastly, James is fun to work with and brings a great sense of humor and poised professionalism to his work. I recommend him highly.

Cory Coley-Christakos
Head of Marketing at SAP Canada | Social Media Enthusiast | Diversity Advocate