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Laurent Tainturier
Bundesakademie fur Sicherheitspolitik, project assignment abroad for BASF Canada-BASF Group

James was engaged to undertake a strategic review of the Corporate Communications function at BASF Canada. He exceeded my expectations by also delivering a communications strategy and an operational plan for our Company; and did it both under budget and on time. His work required stakeholder engagement, as well as a keen understanding of both the “what” and the “how” a Communications’ department contributes to our enterprises’ responsible commercial success. I recommend him highly.

Jana Dybinski
VP Marketing at Momentous

James got up to speed on our PR messaging quickly and offered smart media relations recommendations that resulted in great coverage. I recommend James to anyone looking for the support of a PR professional, and would happily call on him for support in our future PR needs.”

Janet Sandor
Director of Communications/Senior Advisor at The Impact Group

Under promises - over delivers!

Tammy Dumas
Associate Director

We were the beneficiary of James's expertise and knowledge in public relations and communications. He quickly interpreted our needs and provided the guidance we needed to develop a solid communications and public relations plan. His generosity, as well as his efficient and results oriented nature are highly regarded and were much appreciated.

Lynda Leonard

Media Relations is arguably the most challenging component of the corporate communications tookit. James' professionalism, creativity and pragmatism help relieve the anxiety and produce remarkable results. He uses strategies that deliver value on both sides of the media relations equation and is a wise counsellor on what does and does not work. His integrity and humour make all aspects of working with him delightful and productive. He's a fabulous asset to have on the team. He's also an excellent communications strategist. Delivers tremendous value and never blows smoke.

Mark Aboud
Global Head of Inside Sales at SAP

James has been providing communications support to SAP for approximately 18 months. In that time he has provided speech writing, media training, proactive media relations and strategic communications counsel. James can always be counted on to provide senior leaders with prudent, thoughtful and candid counsel. His is senior enough to know his place, but forceful enough to ensure that his point of view is considered.

Cory Coley-Christakos
Head of Marketing at SAP Canada | Social Media Enthusiast | Diversity Advocate

James has been working with SAP Canada for more than a year. In that time he has shown a deft touch at both communications and management issues. He has written speeches for our President, media trained executives, identified and managed key opportunities for proactive media relations and helped to build processes that work. James gives wise and prudent counsel, and brings new and fresh ideas to SAP that make us a better communicating company. Lastly, James is fun to work with and brings a great sense of humor and poised professionalism to his work. I recommend him highly.

Mark Buzan, APR/CAE
Executive Director at Canadian Dental Assistants Association

James served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Paralympic Committee during the time I was contracted as the organization's Chief of Communications. James was always a trusted advisor whom I knew I could count on for solid counsel.

SVP, Communications and Investor Relations
Kinross Gold Corporation
Janet Welsh
Experienced employee communications manager

It was a privilege to work with James at Kinross where he successfully established a full external and internal communications program while simultaneously leading the Investor Relations function through a significant merger with Bema Gold. Under James' direction, Kinross was the positive talk of the town amongst media and the institutional investor community.

I would be honoured to work with James again in the future.

Margaret Whelan
Management consultant in not for profit sector

James is a focussed leadeer, with a big heart. We worked together on the board of a community organization and he brought a great combination of strengths to te table - a strong business perspective, balanced with the views of a father of young children and a passion for his community.

VP, Marketing
EDS, an HP Company
Joe Konecny
Senior Manager, Media Communications, Capital Markets and Economics, Scotiabank

James is an inspirational leader, with a solid combination of public relations savvy and corporate acumen that motivates team mates in support of business goals and objectives. He has a flair for creative thinking and an exceptional commitment to communications excellence.

Jean Liu
Executive at IBM Global Technology Services

James is one of the best communicators I ever know. He is quick at grasping the issue(s) and has an amazing ability to turn messy bits of information into passages that tell the story succinctly and clearly. His ability to weed through the noise and arrive at sound conclusions has served to save time and resources when there was a lot of uncertainties. James has a great sense of humor which makes working with fun and joyful! And he is a loyal friend in good times and in difficult situations.

Janet Welsh
Experienced employee communications manager

James is an excellent leader who is able to both genuinely care for his employees as friends while at the same time providing the constructive criticism required to advance his employees' skills as appropriate for the business. His leadership and guidance has been invaluable to me.

It would be my pleasure to work with James again.

Stephen Heckbert
Professor at Algonquin College

James is an exceptional strategic thinker who knows that the best ideas are the ones you can implement -- he is an expert in the art of the possible, and he makes every dollar count.

Dana Bolden
Group Director at The Coca-Cola Company

When James and I worked together, I relied on his counsel on complex issues…especially those involving financial transactions. Having served in a variety of communications leadership roles he has seen and done most of everything and always finds time to share his learnings and counsel.

While we no longer work together, I continue to seek his counsel and find his perspective on communications strategies, especially as they relate to publicly held companies, extremely valuable. Canada’s leading PR organization got it right when it recognized his superior and outstanding service as a PR professional who has furthered the standing of the public relations profession in Canada through professional practice and personal relations; as well as the betterment of the community. He is a true leader.

Kevin Lightfoot
Vice President, Corporate Communications, Xerox

James has an uncanny ability to recognize opportunities that others have missed and to capitalize on them for his clients' benefit.

Andrew Mansfield
Managing Director - Asia Pacific at SPI

James is one of the most effective and talented marketing and communications professionals that I have worked with over the years - anywhere. His team and peer leadership skills are second-to-none as is his ability to effectively understand and manage through the most demanding and complex of political environments.

Above all, James understands the marketing and communications process like very few others which enables him to deliver world-class outcomes time and time again.

I have no hesitation recommending James and/or providing further or more specific information if required. He is, in my opinion, a true leader in his field.

VP, Public Affairs
Corporate Communications Limited
Joe Strolz
Vice President, Microsoft Advertising

James has a unique ability to very quickly get at the heart of an issue and see clearly the actions that need to be taken in order to solve the problem or capitalise on the opportunity. It is this skill that has made him a sought after and respected communications strategy leader, adding equal value in crisis management and advance planning.

Certainly one of the keenest minds in the coporate communications field, James has proven his skills are transferrable and relevant to multiple industries and contexts - technology, telecom, retail, and manufacturing amoung others.

James is also the type of person you want to work with, and succeed for, as he engenders a great deal of trust among those around him as well as creating a good deal of fun -- never confusing a strategic objective with a moral imperative.

Director, Public Affairs & Communications
Levi Strauss & Co. -- Asia Pacific Division
Truong Le
Global IT Marketing

It was a priviledge to be mentored by James during his time in the Asia Pacific region. A creative, analytical and motivational leader adept at delivering business results.

Assignment Coordinator
Global Television News
George Wolff
VP at Source Productions, Inc
Jim served as a detail-oriented member of the assignment team. Jim brought a reliable and competent demeanor to his tasks and always exceeded expectations. He also had a good sense of humor which was invaluable in this tense, fast-paced environment.

Gordon Shank
Director, Public Affairs & Communications at Levi Strauss & Co. -- Asia Pacific Division

James served as the Manager of Communications at Levi Strauss & Co. (Canada) Inc. and Director of Communications at Levi Strauss (Asia Pacific Division) when I served as President. In both of those instances, James brought exceptional energy, skill, and a bias for action. When he initiated the new Communications role in both Canada & Asia, he quickly elevated the role to become a partner, not a guest at the senior management table.

Philip Segal

James and I have crossed paths many times over the years and across several continents. When we worked together early in our careers at Global Television News in Toronto, James was the (often only) voice of reason in a sea of chaos. When I relocated to freelance in India and Pakistan, James offered friendship and professional support that were in short supply. Years later, when I was Finance Editor at the Asian Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong and James was leading communications for Levi Strauss & Co. in Asia, we often shared professional challenges and experiences. He always brought a fresh and pragmatic view to the challenge at hand. Now as a consultant, James brings his gravitas as a Public affairs practitioner to clients across the globe, and I am certain they benefit from his substantive and wise counsel.

Lisa J. Telford

While many PR and Communications professionals are exceptional at “style”, James brings a bias towards substance that is refreshing.

He has an ability to be constantly scanning, questioning, looking for connections… He brings business value to business relationships and offers wise counsel .. including when NOT to do something.

I recommend James and his firms services very highly and I trust him implicitly.

Kirk LaPointe

James is in that élite group of communications professionals in Canada, adept at anticipating needs and providing practical paths to reach objectives. He is a clear-thinking, conscientious listener and advisor, an experienced voice of integrity, and a personable and credible representative. He offers excellent strategic counsel and a tireless work ethic to build community and strengthen organizations.

Tom Mattia
VP, Marketing and Communications at EDS

While I served as Chief Communications Officer for EDS, James led the Communications and Marketing team at EDS Canada. For a time he was also seconded to develop a Communications & Marketing team at EDS Asia Pacific, and hire a local leader. In both cases, James was able to develop a key partnership role with the business leaders, and was always one of the members of my team I could count on to push the envelope … cause just enough disruption to move his team and business unit forward. He demonstrated great skill as a communicator, and a deft touch as a manager and a leader. If the opportunity arose, I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

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