Toccacelli & Associates

Kinross Gold

Kinross Gold

  • Managed the communications of the merger of Kinross Gold and Bema Gold
  • Significantly increased the volume of media coverage, the tone and content of coverage and quality of key Tier 1 publications
  • Sharply increased the volume of investor relations meetings by 89% over the previous year
    • Changed analysts’ coverage to 16 buys and 8 holds from three strong sells in previous year
  • Changed image to one of growth and value from one focused on SEC related issues
  • Institutional shareholders base increased from 64% to 70%, with the top 25 shareholders holding 48%, a 3% increase
    • Average daily trading volume increased sharply from 1.5 million to 2.4 million shares per day
  • Kinross’ share price increased 85% during my tenure
    • The stock outperformed the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index (XAU) by more than 20%


It was a priviledge to be mentored by James during his time in the Asia Pacific region. A creative, analytical and motivational leader adept at delivering business results.

Director, Public Affairs & Communications
Levi Strauss & Co. -- Asia Pacific Division
Truong Le
Global IT Marketing

Jim served as a detail-oriented member of the assignment team. Jim brought a reliable and competent demeanor to his tasks and always exceeded expectations. He also had a good sense of humor which was invaluable in this tense, fast-paced environment.

George Wolff
VP at Source Productions, Inc.